Welcome to Get-sailing.com! The aim of this site is to provide you with all the information you need to book the perfect sailing holiday for you in some of the world's most beautiful destinations. We've got some great trip ideas and itineraries and listing of top yacht charter companies.

Why Should I Go Sailing?

The majesty of the oceans, the tranquility of the world's great lakes, the chance to see whales and dolphins, cruise around forgotten archipelagos, stop off at romantic islands anywhere from the Mediterranean to the East Pacific, or port in some of the most fashionable marinas in Europe and the world... the draws of a sailing vacation are endless, and offer an escape completely at odds with normal life on terra firma. How much time you spend out at sea is up to you, and many will want to combine trips on the boat with cultural excursions to fishing villages, medieval towns, or mega-tropolises on dry land. Sunbathing on deserted beaches, swimming and snorkeling in rocky bays, plus a spot of sports fishing and deep sea fishing are all typical elements of a great luxury sailing holiday.

Where Should I Go Sailing?

There are thousands of great sailing destinations around the world, and we can't pretend to have navigated every corner of this globe, which is why we're going to start by focusing on some of our favourite countries for a holiday, beginning with the European destinations of UK, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Sweden and Poland. Later we'll be updating the site with the best locations in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, South East Asia and the rest of the world. Check out our growing list of feature articles to find out the unique attractions of each of our recommended destinations for a vacation adrift on the waves. As well as give you a flavour of what each of these great locations have to offer in terms of attractions and things to see and do, we'll also inform you where the main ports are, which yacht charter companies operate there, when is the best time to go, suggest itineraries, and offer some practical advice on hiring a boat or booking a cruise, trip or sailing lessons if you fancy taking a RYA-accredited course.

How Do I Book A Boat?

For each destination we'll provide you with a list of the best yacht charter companies operating in the region, with what types of boat you can hire (typically boats fall into the following categories: sailing yachts, power/motor boats, catamarans and luxury yachts). If you've never tried sailing holidays or vacations before, and you want to know the difference between bareboat charter and skippered/crewed boat hire then we've got plenty of advice for you too.